InteractCoach is Powered by QualiWare

QualiWare X Is the foundation upon which InteractCoach is built.
Founded in 1991 in Denmark, QualiWare is now a global business modelling software provider serving over 2,000 companies, with more than 1 Million users, across 40 countries. It offers a stunning array of business modeling tools and other features, that enable enterprises to visualize, align and share information from its strategies through their execution.

Moreover, this platform supports the collaborative development and continual improvement of this crucial knowledge via its web modeler and mobile app. 

Its easy-to-use modeling tools enable employees across the enterprise to not only be kept informed but to proactively collaborate in the design and enhancement of business processes via QualiWare’s web-based collaboration platform and its mobile app.


QualiWare X is available in the Cloud or On-Premises

Share knowledge worldwide and collaborate with your colleagues on business improvements. QualiCloud offers easy access and short time to value for your business initiatives for both large and small organizations.

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy
QualiWare conforms to the latest standards and frameworks to continuously improve and maintain a secure product and keep your data safe.
ISO 27001 & Cyber Essentials Certified
QualiWare X offers an open web service-based API. Is supports a wide range of features, standards, imports from Microsoft, and more
  • Balanced Scorecards
  • Performance Diagrams
  • Business Charts
  • Business Gauges
  • Dashboards
  • Query Design
  • Spreadsheet
  • Dynamic Reports
  • Social Behavior Warehouse
  • and other…
  • SharePoint
  • IBM Micro Focus
  • Service Now
  • SAP
  • QualiWare web service API
  • CMDB
  • PPM
  • APM
  • and other…
Import from Microsoft
  • Visio
  • Excel
  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • SQL
  • and other…