InteractBoost: Propel Your Performance to the Next Level
InteractBoost is comprised of three essential components
Number 1

Are they using it? InteractBoost tracks the use of the InteractGuide by individual agents, teams, sites and lines of business. So, supervisors can see its impact on the metrics that matter.

InteractBoost shown on all digital devices - performance improvement consultant
Man drawing - agent evaluation tools and mentorinhg program
Number 2

How can they be coached to use it better? Supervisors can use InteractTrain “mini-modules” that address the skills that need reinforcing. This can be done both during one-on-one agent coaching sessions and as e-Learning assignments.

And your InteractCoach team is available to help you enhance your Quality Assurance program. We are pleased to support you from our unique take on agent evaluation tools to our “Coach-the-Coach” mentoring program.

Number 3

How can we make InteractCoach better? InteractBoost features an integrated change management tool that allows all users, from agents to trainers to supervisors and management to make improvement recommendations. These are managed through a defined review and feedback process to ensure continuous improvement and engagement.

Continuous Improvement - review and feedback process