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Our Commitment to Excellence Extends to the Company We Keep

QualiWare - global business modeling software

Founded in 1991 in Denmark, QualiWare is now a global business modelling
software provider serving over 2,000 companies, with more than 1 Million users, across 40 countries. It offers a stunning array of business modeling tools and other features,
that enable enterprises to visualize, align and share information from its strategies through their execution.

CloseReach logo - Strategy, Transformation, Performance - enterprise architecture services

CloseReach is a Canadian consulting, training and software company headquartered in Ottawa. CloseReach focuses on the delivery of high value Business/Enterprise Architecture, Business Excellence, Quality/Compliance and Process Management solutions (software, training, and professional services). CloseReach is QualiWare’s Strategic Channel Partner in North America and is the Government of Canada Enterprise Architecture (EA) Solution provider.

Landmark logo - Design, Deploy, Data - Performance Alignment Solutions

Landmark Decisions is a niche consulting firm providing worldwide “performance alignment” consulting, facilitation, and training services. Landmark has over 25 years’ experience in delivering implementation guidance and professional training on strategic and operational planning, business modeling and operational costing which has helped both private and public-sector organizations improve their business decision-making capacity.

CBP logo - Collaborative Business Planning - Share the Vision

CBP-Software is a powerful adjunct to the QualiWare platform enabling organizations to truly understand and manage the impacts of organizational transformation. CBP-Software provides business managers with the ability to model their operational flows and predict where and when bottlenecks will arise. It also determines the impact of shifting product/service demands and/or changing operating efficiencies on both fixed and variable costs