InteractCoach: Methodology Amplified by Technology

InteractCoach harnesses QualiWare’s impressive capabilities to accelerate the implementation of our proven methodology, evolved over two decades of successful client implementations

5 Powerful Components. 1 Great Outcome.

Number 1

InteractHealthcheck is your opportunity to diagnose and, if needed, treat those aspects of your operation that are impeding your customers’ successful outcomes. This rapid assessment establishes a roadmap to overcome these obstacles.

InteractHealthcheck - business process improvement methodology
InteractPM - man touching project management toolset
Number 2

InteractPM is the Project Management toolset that helps you prioritize the work that needs to be done, keep track of who’s doing it, reviewing it, approving it, publishing it, and of course continuously improving it.

InteractModel - man standing in front of business processes and workflows
Number 2

InteractModel enables your Modelers to visually represent your business processes and workflows. Our methodology provides techniques for curating and rationalizing knowledge from multiple sources to form easy-to-understand steps and paths for your agents. − even for the most complex business processes.

Number 3

InteractGuide is the web-based tool that your agents use to provide “Just-in-Time-Information” as they deliver successful outcomes to your customers.

InteractGuide - web based call scripting tool
InteractTrain - lightbulbs filled with training program toolsets
Number 4

InteractTrain provides the toolset and guidance for integrating the InteractGuide into your training program.

Number 5

InteractBoost “closes the loop” by ensuring that what has been modeled and trained is being used − and used effectively − by your agents.