Optimizing the Customer Journey

An Illustration: “QualiCar” Rental Company’s “As Is” Customer Journey Map

In collaboration with cross functional representatives from your organization, we create a clear view of your “As Is” Customer Journey Map.

An Illustration: “PinPoint the PainPoints” Facilitated Session

Next, in guided sessions, cross functional team(s) collaborate to overlay “Pains” & “Gains” on the “As Is” Customer Journey Map. These reflect the perspective of the customers, agents, other key stakeholders.

An Illustration: “As Should Be” Customer Journey Map

Through facilitated ideation exercises, the cross functional team(s) collaborate to envision an idealized “As Should Be” Customer Journey Map, addressing new personas, touch points and interactions(in red).

These guided exercises stimulate innovative thinking and creative problem solving.

The “As Should Be” map represents an idealized future state. It is the NorthStar that guides the design of the “To Be” Map which includes any necessary compromises and mitigations.

Using this approach opens up new possibilities for interacting with your customers that otherwise would never have been imagined.

The “To Be” Journey Map then frames the design of the models and workflows that comprise the InteractGuide.