Validate, Refine & Align your Vision, Mission, Goals, Strategies, Metrics and Incentives...A Deeper Dive

To those who think this isn’t all that important, we have 2 words…

In 2016, Wells Fargo, the 3rd largest bank in the US:

Fraudulently created 3.5 Million bank and credit card accounts…and were caught.

Where was the misalignment?

Vision: “We want to satisfy our customers’ financial needs and help them succeed financially.”


A second example −

Figures Lie…Customers (and reputations) Suffer

“While the [Canada Revenue] Agency reported that it met its targets for both access and timeliness, its performance measures were incomplete and its call centres' results were overstated”

Auditor General of Canada 2017 Report on Canada Revenue Agency Call Centres

Where was the misalignment?

  • Vision: “providing unparalleled service and value to its clients”
  • Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights:The right to complete, accurate, clear, and timely information
  • KPI: “Respond to calls in the agent queue within two minutes 80% of the time”

The Problem:
64% of calls were blocked & never made it to the agent queue

What else was misaligned?

  • Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights:The right to complete, accurate, clear information
  • KPI: “Percentage of accurately updated internal reference materials  = 100%”

The Problem:
The reference materials were up to date, but that KPI failed to measure the accuracy of information shared with taxpayers. “Agents told us it was a challenge to find information in the Agency’s systems when responding to questions.”
Auditor General of Canada

Another Sad Truth –

Some Agents Will Always Game the System

Whether it’s call avoidance, manipulating customer survey data, or processing fraudulent order information, these behaviors can:

Sad to say, it happens in both in-house and outsourced call/contact centers, and it’s a bit of a whack-a-mole game. No sooner do you address one issue, and it pops up in another form, elsewhere.

In addition to uncovering and addressing bad behaviors as they occur, we help you prevent them in the first place through effective agent engagement and incentive redesign.

We can help you channel the genius these agents possess in productive ways. It starts with their crucial participation in our InteractHealthcheck which identifies problems and solutions for customers, agents, and other key stakeholders.

And it continues with their ongoing recommendations, corrections, and new ideas that they share through InteractBoost. One thought: We encourage you to reward them for those ideas that get implemented.

How we can help:

With 3 decades of call/contact center experience, we’ve come across and helped clients address a multitude of organizational misalignments through our proven techniques.